Salon and Spa Services

Full Grooming:
Bath, blow-dry, brush-out, haircut, ear cleaning, nail trim.
* All dogs must be vaccinated for grooming.

Blueberry Facials:
Fur-brightening, soothing blueberry-scented facial.

Tooth Brushing:
Helps maintain your pet's teeth between Veterinarian cleanings.

Paw Pad Care:
Protects your pets paws from hot asphalt and cold weather.
We apply a completely safe (both for pet and home) special ointment designed to help prevent abrasion, burning, drying and cracking.

Nail Painting:
Available in hot pink, bubblegum, blue, lavender, or red polishes.
* Dogs must be cleaned and shaved (where applicable) prior to coloring.

Comprehensive washing of your pets only using the best possible products.

Hair Coloring:
Color application available in pastel and deeper colors. Vegetable-based, completely safe.
* Works best on white dogs.

Provides a soothing and relaxing experience for your pet.

Available Spa Packages:

Ultimate Spa Includes:
  • Fresh bath
  • Fresh facial scrub
  • Nail trim
  • Paw treatment
  • Refreshing aromatherapy treatment
  • Nourishing vitamin conditioner

Renew Spa:
  • Renew bath
  • Fresh facial scrub
  • Renew aromatherapy treatment
  • Nourishing conditioner

Comfort Spa:
  • Comfort bath
  • Comfort aromatherapy treatment
  • Nourishing vitamin conditioner

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